24 Aprile 2024

Fondazione RES4Africa
A sustainable, prosperous and just energy future in Africa

Starting from the Summit Italy-Africa held In January 2024 and in view of the G7 Summit to be taken place in June 2024, it is evident that Africa has a central role in Italian vision of foreign policy and economic diplomacy. Moreover, Italian G7 Presidency has underlined for the first time ever in the G7 context the need to ensure a sustainable and just energy transition in Africa as key G7 priority. Governments and private sector converge towards a common intent to support African- led development and growth. This alignment is key for RES4Africa to take stock of the priorities of the African continent, which stands at a crucial crossroads, with its paramount focus on sustainable socio-economic development. The urgent task at hand involves accelerating economic growth, fostering job creation, and ensuring widespread access to services, particularly universal energy access. Recognizing the pivotal role of electricity in modern societies, Africa’s path to development intertwines closely with its energy journey. Electricity is integral to modern economies, serving crucial functions such as lighting, communications, transportation, and cooking. As Africa's energy demand is projected to rapidly increase, electrification will play a pivotal role in meeting this growing need. RES4Africa, with GSE and support from Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, organizes a pivotal side event bringing together European industry leaders and African representatives, the event aims to foster trust, establish public-private partnerships, and shape Africa's electrification future. This event is a call for bold collaboration and innovation, emphasizing just energy transitions. Representatives from Italian, European and African Ministries, and experts from utilities, international institutions and the private sector will gather together to discuss How to scale-up a sustainable electricity transformation of Africa, as well as Financing Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions.