28 Aprile 2024

Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Sicurezza Energetica
The Sustainable Biofuels International Forum

On December 2023, COP28 recognized the crucial needs to:
- accelerate efforts globally towards net zero emission energy systems, utilizing zero- and low_x0002_carbon fuels well before or by around mid-century.
- accelerate the reduction of emissions from road transport on a range of pathways, including through development of infrastructure and rapid deployment of zero and low-emission vehicles;

Moreover, on G7 2023 under Japanese Presidency, G7 Ministers - in order to reach a highly decarbonized road sector target by 2030 - underlined the need to assess developments in technologies such as FCEVs, PHEVs, low-carbon and sustainable carbon-neutral fuels including biofuels and synthetic fuels.
At the same time, energy security aspects and climate commitments have thrust sustainable biofuels to center stage in many countries around the globe. We are at a unique moment requiring leadership to advance policies that can further promote the use of sustainable biofuels as an effective solution in all transport sectors – road, aviation and maritime - to address these dual global challenges, underlining environmental, social and local competitiveness aspects. During the Italian G7 Presidency, public, multilateral and private stakeholders, active in the sustainable biofuels sector, are promoting the "International Forum on Sustainable Biofuels".

The "International Forum on Sustainable Biofuels" will provide an opportunity for industry, trade associations and research & development entities to present a Joint Statement to the G7 Ministers aimed at highlighting the role of sustainable biofuels in all transport sectors, promoting environmental sustainability, innovation, social and local value creation aspects in order to contribute to achievingthe COP28 decarbonization goal.

The Joint Statement to the G7 Ministers has been coordinated by the Clean Energy Ministerial Biofuture Campaign and Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with sectorial stakeholders.

For further information and registration please contact: BiofuelForum2024@mase.gov.it